Woodham Ley Primary School Ethos:

 "Our commitment is to develop unique and ambitious children who make informed choices and are inspired to reach their greatest potential." 

Woodham Ley Primary School (WLPS) is an active member of the local BATIC (Benfleet and Thundersley Inter-Cluster) group of schools.  All of the schools in the group work closely and are committed to providing high quality education for all children with special needs and disabilities in the whole of the local area.  Local provision is very similar as no one school has a specialism in relation to SEN. 

Parent Partnership

Special Educational Needs strategies and interventions are most successful where there are clear links between home and school.  This means that parents work closely with school, and vice versa, to ensure that support and strategies are consistent.  The 2014 Code of Practice is based on this partnership / team approach, as is the Woodham Ley Primary Home / School Agreement.

One Page Profiles 

One page profiles are important documents that give parents and children the opportunity to tell adults in school what is important to them and how they like to be supported. There is an example of one below.

To complete your own one page profile:

WLPS Parent Noticeboard - Click here

School Information Report

You will find our school information report below. This is an interactive document that allows you to explore a range of information related to our provision for pupils with special educational needs.

Managing Anxiety

Below you will find a series of videos that you can share with your child if they are feeling nervous or anxious.

You can also access a recording of our parent workshop, called Topsy Turvy Childhood here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CykDQbU8U_PKmu8UThOQxXsSq_Pj5p7Q/view?usp=sharing

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