Year 2

Class Teacher: Mr Pringle

Classroom Support: Mrs Halfyard

Specialist Music Teacher: Mrs Curtis


Keep sending in any pictures. The email address is:


Message From Mr Pringle

Thank you so much for this wonderful video. I honestly don’t know what to say! It was an absolute delight to see all your amazing personalities shining through and to read your lovely messages. I miss you all! I know this must have taken a lot of time and effort from both children and adults and I can not express how much it means to know that you have taken the time to do this. I am hugely grateful that you have even thought to do something like this and it just shows what amazing children we have in class and our school. Thank you!


I’ve been so impressed with your hard work this half term and all the fantastic home learning you have been doing. It’s certainly time for a well-deserved rest! I know some of you will want to keep yourselves busy or to keep learning over the half term so that you are ready to come back and start learning again on 1st June. To help with that, there is a half-term activity booklet, daily geography quizzes and a sports journalism competition to keep your minds busy. Also, check out the other class pages to steal some of their great ideas for things you can do over the half term.


Online learning will continue as normal after the half term and below are a few key things you might want to know about. Please note, all of these are subject to change.

-Daily home learning will begin again on 1st June and continue (as before) for the foreseeable future

-The Year 2 web page will be updated Sunday to Thursday (normally between 6 and 8pm) with work for the next day

-Some weekly subjects may change but the amount of work will stay the same

-We will continue to use White Rose for Maths, move on to diary writing in Literacy and continue with using reading packs for Reading lessons

-Year 2's weekly or bi-weekly phone calls home will be made on Fridays

-The half term suggested activities might be helpful to warm up children ready to begin learning again on 1st June.

-In addition to the class email, you can also contact the school via the following email  if you have any concerns about a child’s welfare or need any additional emergency support or guidance:

Below, I have also updated the class gallery with what you have been up to in the last week of the half term and I have uploaded the poetry reading videos for you to have a look at.


Have a wonderful half term!

Poetry Book and Videos

Check out some of the poetry you have been writing and reading in your home learning. Below is a book of all the poems written by you as a class as well as videos of some children reading their own poems or the work of others.

I've typed your poems using the words you wrote, so if you missed out a word (on purpose like in the challenges), I missed it out too. Each picture is the start of a new poem and you should find that the picture matches the poem underneath.

If you wish for a video to be removed or you would like to have your video added to the website, email me at the address above.

May Half Term Home Learning Year 2

Below are some suggested activities to keep your brain ticking over while we enjoy a well deserved half term. You should find:

A page-a-day activity booklet of reading, writing, maths and spelling

Daily Geography quizzes

Details on a sports journalism competition run by Deanes

Page - A -Day Activity Booklet

You might remember something like this from the February half term and Easter break. There is a handful of daily maths, writing and spelling tasks to complete each day. You can print this booklet off to write on it, download it or simply read it online and write the answers in your purple book.

There is also bigger versions of the pictures for each of the seven days below too.

Geography Quizzes

Loads of you LOVED the counties quiz online last week, so below are some links to more quizzes all about learning places in the world.

There is at least one quiz for each day and each day has a different theme. Some of them I have made on the website just for you.

Monday: Countries in Europe 

Countries in Western and Central Europe (made just for this class)

All countries in Europe (Challenge)


Tuesday: Europen Capitals (made just for this class)


Wednesday: English Counties

Counties in the South East of England (made just for this class)

All the counties in England (Challenge)


Thursday: UK Cities


Friday: European Rivers (made just for this class)


Saturday: Countries in North America


Sunday: Countries in South America


Website With Lots More Geography Quizes

Deanes School Sports Journalism Competition

Adjectives Booklet

Below is our class adjectives booklet (thesaurus) to help you find new and exciting words to use in your writing.

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