Year 2

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Mr Pringle

Classroom Support

Miss Sullivan, Mrs Liggitt and Miss Redwood

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Please note that this is an alternative means of communication and may not be checked regularly. Pressing issues should be shared with the class teacher in person, in writing or via the office.

What To Expect In Year 2

Details and video coming soon

Home Learning: Autumn 2021

Formal home learning including Phonic spellings will begin on Friday 10th September. This week, children will also be given their new book bands and log in details for the websites below.

Details on home learning will follow shortly and will be posted below. Until then, please familiarise yourself with the websites below using your child's log in details.

Home Learning Links 


TT Rockstars

Spelling Frame

Oxford Owls

(User: year2wlps Pass: Book221)

Important Information

-PE will take place on Monday and Thursday afternoons (weather pending). These are likely to change each half term, so please check back regularly for updates.

-Children need a full indoor (t-shirt, shorts and, ideally plimsolls) and outdoor (warm top, jogging bottoms and trainers) kit for PE.

-Earrings should be removed or removeable by children for PE. Staff may not remove earrings nor use tape to cover them

-Absences should be reported on StudyBugs

-Payments should be made through ParentPay

-Children should complete nightly reading at home, ideally with an adult

This Term In Year 2: Autumn 1

This term in Year 2, the topic is Brits In Medicine. Below, you can find details of the areas we will be focusing on in class.


Word classes

Sentence types and sentence structures

Place, time and cause words

Descriptive vocabulary (adjectives and adverbs)



Reading and recognising numbers to 100

Ordering and comparing numbers to 100

Place value in numbers to 100

Counting on and back

Simple addition and subtraction


George's Marvellous Medicine


The human body and the human body compared to those of animals

The needs of humans

The need for balance in human lifestyle e.g. diet, exercise

Lifecycle of a deciduous tree


The UK, its cities and seas

UK Landmarks


Landmark achievements by British people in Medicine

William Harvey (heart), Edward Jenner (vaccines), Jon Snow (clean water), Florence Nightingale/Mary Seacole (nursing), Elizabeth Garrett-Anderson (docotor), Joseph Lister (antibacteria) Alexander Fleming (penicillin) and Marie Curie (comparative study)

How the achievements of those in the past impact on medicine today

Art and DT

Sculpture (clay)

Shaping without a mould

Creating shape from one piece of material

Decoration using 3D effects, carving and printing (on clay)


Fundamentals (of PE)



The Friendship Song


Word processing skills


Zones of Regulation

The Growth and Fixed Mindset


Our topic this half term is ...

Brits In Medicine

The topic looks at the achievements of British people in medicine and seeks to explain why these are important in the present day

Please find the Knowledge Organiser for this unit below.

 Knowledge Organisers

A knowledge organiser breaks down the core learning and vocabulary that children will look at during a unit of work in a particular subject or topic. It details
-Prior learning
-The minimum knowledge should have by the end of a topic
-The key vocabulary (The Vocabulary Dozen) for a a topic.

As a parent, you can support your child's learning my look through knowledge organisers with your child and asking them questions about their learning. You can also find more knowledge organisers under the Class Pages tab on the website.

Helpful Downloads

Please find some handy sheet or booklets you can print at home to support you. If you are unable to print these, please do not hesitate to ask for a copy in school.

Some of these documents appear best when downloaded.

Time, Place and Cause Words

Adjectives and Adverbs


Phonics Mats And Flashcards

Phase 3

Phase 4 Blends

Phase 5

High Frequency Words

First 100 High Frequency Words

200 High Frequency Words

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