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The Reception year is a very exciting time for both parents and children. At Woodham Ley Primary School,  children are offered the very best start to their education by being provided with rich opportunities and experiences.  Our curriculum is based on the framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and we deliver this through a play-based approach.  The curriculum is organised in a way which meets each child's individual needs, interests and fascinations, resulting in us planning 'in the moment' rather than through a 'one size fits all' topic.

Throughout the year, the children will have fun, make friends, learn and develop at a pace matched to each child's stage of development. We work hard to foster positive relationships with parents and value just how important these partnerships are.  Right from the start, we endeavour to ensure that caring, nurturing and warm relationships are developed between all members of staff and the children in our care.  We promote calm, positive interactions with all children in order to enable them to quickly grow in confidence and independence.

We encourage children to take risks, be curious and explore.  We want them to become resilient individuals who are able to problem solve and persevere with tasks even when they find them a challenge.  By doing this, we can rest assured that each child will be equipped with the skills to be a life-long, independent and effective learner.

Planning in the Moment

 For further information on our rationale behind 'planning in the moment', please read the document below:

For more information on the Early Years Foundation Stage:

Click here for a parents' guide to the EYFS


We provide a daily snack for the children which they are able to access each morning and some afternoons.  They receive free fruit and vegetables through the Government's Free Fruit and Vegetables Scheme (SFVS) which aims to help children achieve their 5 A Day.  In addition to this, children under 5 are entitled to free milk under the Nursery Milk Scheme.  We also provide fresh drinking water.

We ask for a voluntary contribution towards the children's snack so that we can also provide additional foods, not covered under the above schemes. These include biscuits, waffles, croissants, crackers, yoghurts, cheese, bread sticks, wraps and dips.  We also try to encourage the children to try more adventurous foods such as pomegranates, peppers and coconuts.  

The children take part in a cooking activity each week, where they bake goodies to share at our regular reading cafe.  The voluntary contributions go towards purchasing these ingredients too.  So far the children have made lots of different types of cup cakes, a birthday cake and bread stick sparklers. 

Please see the chart below which details the snack contributions and when they are due.  It is vital that we continue to receive these contributions in order to provide the above. 

Thank you

This week in Reception class... 


 The children have started learning their phase 2 phonemes and have been doing a great job at remembering the sound, jolly phonics actions and Read, Write, Inc rhymes for writing each grapheme. They now have their own set of phonemes to learn at home.

In Maths, the children have been working on one more and one less and have identified groups or objects with more or less in.

We have started our own 'Fruits of the world' map in our snack area so that the children can see where some fruits originally come from. This week, they have tried pomegranates and dates.

The children have also planted bulbs in the outside area in the hope that by Easter time we may see some tulips and daffodils that can brighten up the area.

On Friday, all the children dressed up in their pjs for Children in Need and helped to raise lots of money for the charity. We discussed why the charity is important and what their money will go towards. The children helped to sort the money into 1ps, 2ps, 5ps and 10ps and some even counted to see how many of each type of coin we had. Well done, Reception!

Last week in Reception...

 The children have had a busy first week back after half term. They have learnt about Guy Fawkes and the reasons why we celebrate Bonfire Night. Some children chose to make their own rockets and drew firework pictures in chalk. They have learnt about Diwali and the festival of lights, creating their own designs. The children have also begun looking at different habitats in the build up to our trip to Colchester Zoo to see the penguins in December.

In Phonics sessions, they have been orally blending and segmenting words using 'Robot talk' and are now preparing to start their Phase 2 work next week.

In Maths, they have looked at identifying the biggest and smallest numeral from a group of two, three and four numbers, have placed the groups of numbers in numerical order and have also worked on subtracting the smallest numeral from the biggest to find the remaining total.


Focus Children

'Focus child' meetings will start from the week of the 30th September. I will be in contact with you when it is your child's week. If there are any worries or concerns, please feel free to come and speak to me. Please take pictures of things you have done with your child over the weekend after you receive your letter, and send them in to us to share with the rest of the class. I look forward to hearing all your news!

Focus children are provided with home bags on the Friday before they are a focus child. During the week they are a focus child, they receive a bag linked to communication and language with activities to do at home. The week after they are a focus child, they are sent home with a story pack for them to learn and re-tell. Both of these activities are there to support the child's development in speech and language and to encourage a love of books and stories. Please ensure that these packs are returned by the following Friday each week so that they can be shared with another child.

Reading books

All children will be given a phase 2 book as well as their coloured book starting from next week (w/c 11th November) and they will also have a set of sounds to learn and rehearse at home. As the children progress at their own rate, the level of book and sets the children are given to learn at home may change so please monitor this at home.

Please read with them regularly at home and discuss the book's characters and themes. Ask them questions about what has been read, give summaries of the book and see if they can make predictions about what could happen next as you read.

Recycling wanted!

We would like you to dig deep into your recycling bags for yogurt pots, tubs, fruit containers, egg boxes, kitchen tubes, bottles etc as we use them in the creative area. All containers, pots and bottles will need to be washed out before being brought into school.

Thank you.

Reading cafe

Our first reading cafe was on Thursday 26th September. The children enjoyed sharing a book with a relative and a yummy gingerbread biscuit which they had iced themselves.

The cafe is on every Thursday at 2:30pm for you to come and share a book with your child and you are provided with a delicious snack made by the children. Please come to the school office where you will be collected when we are ready for the session. 


 Fruity Friday's

Every Friday, our focus children will be making fruit smoothies to share with the rest of the class. They will be able to choose the fruit and whether they use milk or orange juice to go into their smoothies. They will also write a label for their drinks and suggest a name for their specially designed smoothies. Delicious!

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