Mrs Smith, Mrs Kelsey and Mrs Thomas

Thank you

Year 4 - wow! This was amazing to watch. Thank you for taking the time to put this together it is really appreciated. What I enjoyed most was seeing all of your smiling faces again. Have a lovely half term and keep smiling 

Mrs Smith


Today's Learning


Resources For Today's Learning

Arithmetic Paper


Allow yourself 30 minutes to complete the paper. Double check for any silly mistakes.



Talk for Writing Tasks. Follow the suggested timetable in the document at the top of the class page.  

Daily Handwriting



Half Term Holiday Activities

Instructions for TTRS World Record Attempt

Answers for Today's Learning

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Daily Spelling

Choose one of the activities to practice your 5 spellings each day

Try this new spelling website!



Thank you for sending your work to me. Have a look at some of the lovely things you have been doing. 

Work from Previous Days

Thursday 22nd May

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 The heart.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 20th May

 Digestive system answers.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 19th May

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Monday 18th May

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 Our skeleton bones.pdfDownload
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 Y4 Week 5 Alternative Plan.pdfDownload
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Friday 15th May

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Shadow Dance Performance

Wow! What a performance. The children have worked so hard this half term to produce this high quality dance. This took so much focus, determination, timing, precision and dedication. I am very proud of what the children achieved. 

Sensational Sound!

To kick start our science topic we investigated, 'How far a whisper can travel?' The children had a great time learning about vibrations and how a cup phone works.

Hadleigh Country Park Trip

This was a brilliant trip for the children. It brought our learning from the classroom to life! Take a look at our many pictures of the day and look out for the teachers getting involved! 

Bringing Learning to Life

This week the children used their adding and subtracting skills to become, shopkeepers, bankers and customers. We turned our classroom into a shop and the children were busy calculating their bills, counting their money and working out change.

Skara Brae

 Breaking News! A prehistoric village has been found!


 The children have been researching facts about Stonehenge and today they made their own Stonehenge using icing sugar and Weetabix 


The children have been learning about the gas carbon dioxide and weighing it.

Cave Painting

As part of our topic Stone Age the children looked at cave paintings then recreated some by painting under our tables. Their painting are now the background to their brilliant |Stone Age poems.

States of Matter

The children have been studying the differences between solids, liquids and gasses. Have a look at them conducting their solid, liquid and gases hunt around the school.

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