Mrs Smith, Mrs Cross, Mrs Livermore and Miss Walton

Book Fair 2020

The children have now browsed the books at our book fair and chosen some books they like. If you would like to purchase a book please complete the order form the children came home with and return to the office. The book fair catalogue, with prices, can be found below.

Please remember once a certain amount is spent our school receive money to put back into purchasing more wonderful books for the children. 

Parent Video 2020

Year 4 Expectations


Please see the 'Preparation Homework' column for details


Children should be reading everyday at home and completing their reading records. Once a book is completed a quiz on Accelerated Reader can be attempted. 

Times Tables

As year 4 have a statutory times tables check we expect the children to be learning their times tables at home and at school. Each day complete one column of the times tables record book and use Times Tables Rock Stars.


As so many of you enjoyed using Spelling Frame we have invested in a school subscription. More details of how to use the website coming soon. 


We have PE on a Monday and a Friday. In September the children will be learning Yoga with Young One Yoga company and they will also be learning basketball. If you need an outdoor tracksuit please order from PENN Sports (adding their initials to the tracksuit is advisable).

Knowledge Organiser for Autumn

Catch-up Homework

Due to the amount of time the children have not been at school, homework will be covering year 3 learning so the children can consolidate the previous years learning at home before beginning the year 4 work in class. 

One piece of Maths homework and one piece of English homework will be set weekly. Homework will be given via this page and should be completed as independently as possible in their purple homework books. The children should check their learning using the answers provided before bringing the homework into school.

Homework will be set on a Monday to be complete by the following Friday. This page will then be reset at the weekend. If your child is behind please ensure you download the homework before it is removed from the page.


English Homework


Read every day and complete an activity in your reading log. 



Log on to spelling frame. Click on 'go to test' from your dashboard (week 2) and play the games and spelling tiles. 

Maths Homework


Complete a column in your times tables log book.

Google Classroom

Maths Homework is now on Google Classroom. All of the children have shown in class how to access the site and complete homework independently. However, just in case, I have attached a video on how to access homework and how to turn it in.


Purple books can now be used as a jottings book and no longer need to be handed in on a Friday as 'turn in' is done on Google Classroom.


Any questions please leave a message with the office.

Google Classroom Tutorial

Layers of the Rainforest

The children have been finding all about the different layer of the rainforest and the animals that live there.

Them Bones!

Today the children found out the names of the bones in their bodies and had lots of fun labelled themselves. 

Little Princess

Well done to Annabelle for deciding to cut her beautiful hair and donate it to the Little Princess Trust. She also raised £120 for the charity. 

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