Welcome To Year 3!

Teacher: Miss Bowley 

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Bremner, Mrs Halfyard and Mrs Liggitt.






Welcome to Year 3

Please find the Meet the Teacher video below which give details about what to expect this year.

Details to Remember



We have PE on a Monday and a Friday. If you need an outdoor tracksuit please order from PENN Sports (adding their initials to the tracksuit is advisable).

Earrings must be removed on a PE day as they cannot be taped over.

Key Days


  • PE Kit
  • New homework set on Mathletics  


  •  PE Kit 
  • Times Tables and Reading Record books handed in
  • Mathletics Homework due 
  • Spelling test 
  • New spellings set 
  • Virtual celebration assembly (home and outside achievements can be celebrated)

Knowledge Organisers

Maths: Multiplication and Division

English: Grammar Terminology

Science:  Plants

Geography: Extreme Earth - Natural Disasters

Homework and Home Learning

Weekly Homework 


Maths homework will be set weekly.  Homework will be given via Mathletics and will consist of 2 set tasks and earning 1000 points. and the children should complete these as independently as possible.

All weekly homework will be set on a Monday and will be due Friday of the same week.

Mathletics will lock all other features of the website until the homework has been completed. Once that has been done, all features and games areas will unlock. 

If you need any further information on Mathletics, please visit the Maths page under Parent Information.


Spelling homework will be set via Spelling Frame. Your child should practise their spellings daily using Spelling Frame using Spelling Tiles, Segment Cards, practice tests and games.


Times Tables:

In preparation for the Times Table Check in Year 4, the children will need to practise their times tables using Times Table Rockstars. The Studio game mode will show all times tables and the children can use this mode to improve their rock speed. The Garage mode will only focus on the times tables the children are currently on on the Times Table Tracker. The  children should complete one column of the times tables record book everyday (minimum) and bring this in on a Friday to be marked. 

The children have all been given a reading book level colour and Book Level which they will use to choose their reading books. They will bring at least one reading book to bring home and read. 

Now that the children are in Key Stage Two, they have moved from the Early Reading Programme onto Accelerated Reader. Once the children have finished their reading book, they must complete a quiz on Accelerated Reader before they change their books (these should be done at home where possible however they can be completed in school). If the children do not pass the quiz, they should re-read the book again before re-taking the quiz. They should not change their book until a quiz has been passed.  

The children should be reading everyday at home and their reading records should be completed to show this. The children can read to themselves, be read to or can read to adults. The children should bring their reading records every Friday to be signed by Mrs Bremner, Mrs Halfyard or Mrs Liggitt.

If you would like some additional resources for helping your child with reading at home, then you can find them under the reading section of the school website. 


Times Table Tracker

To prepare children for the Statutory Times Table Check in year 4, we are now using a Times Table Tracker. The children work through a series of tests broken down into Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Each test is a mixture of multiplication and division.

I will keep track at where your child is on the awards and they will be tested once a week with a test of 40 questions. In order to progress onto the next table, the children must score a total of 35/40 (or higher) within a 4 minute limit. Once each stage is complete, the children will receive a sticker for themselves and a sticker for their tracker certificate. Once all stages of the tracker have been completed, the children are able to take home their certificate. 

You should use the red Times Table book at home to practise the particular times table your child is currently on by completing one column a night.


Here is a break down of the tracker:


28th September - Fossil Making!

Today we made mould and cast fossils! We used dough to make impressions. After, Miss Bowley added some casting plaster that represented the sediment that fills the mould!

Thursday 23rd September - Hunter - Gatherers!

Today we imagined we were Stone Age Hunter-Gatherers and we went out to look for assets that would protect us against threats like weather and animals.

Tuesday 21st September - Rock Testing

Today we tested rocks using different tests: Hardness, Acidity and Looks. Using our results we then decided whether they were Igneous, Metamorphic or Sedimentary! 

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