Welcome to Year 6 Class

Class teacher: Mr King

In our class we also have Mrs Willson, Mrs Livermore and Miss Walton.

Week 1

 What fantastic start to life in Year 6. I am delighted with how the children have settled in lessons and are taking part in all lessons. 

This week we learnt about the Battle of Britain and have started to learn about what life during the Blitz was like.

We have also started to learn about the circulatory system and will continue to do so over the coming the weeks.

Next Week In Year 6

 Science: Continue to study the circulatory system and how oxygen and nutrients are transported around the body.

Topic: Continue to develop an understanding of World War 2 with a particular focus on analysing historical sources in order to find out about the past.

Maths: Continue to develop an understanding of place value and begin to look at adding.

Literacy: Continue to read War Horse and write our diaries.

P.E: Hockey and Fottball

Computing: To find out about E-safety.


Homework this week (13.9.19)

 Maths: Continue to look at your arithmetic paper and practise the questions that you got wrong this week. If you have any questions, please make sure you ask at home or ask an adult in school during the week.

Reading: Read chapter 2 of War Horse (You should have taken your copy home with you) and then remember to do your lucky listener for the first part of the chapter. It would also be helpful if you found out the meaning to any tricky words that you don't know the meaning to.

School Council Speech

Next week, we will hold our school council elections.

For homework, everyone must write a short speech as to why they should be chosen as councillor for our class.You could include:

  • Ideas you have for the school
  • Why you are a good role model
  • How you follow The Three Rights
  • Your strengths (what you’re good at)
  • What makes you stand out from everyone else

Speeches will be shared with the class on Tuesday (17/9/19) next week before a vote on Friday.

Everyone has to write a speech, but you do not have to run for councillor nor read it out in class if you don’t want to.


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