Welcome to Neil Armstrong Class!

Miss Clarke, Mrs Bye and Mrs O'Rawe


Our Spring term big question is:

What do we see when we stop and look up?

Preparation Homework

Preparation homework will enable the children to start their lessons with some knowledge before we begin. This should allow them to progress further and quicker in lessons.

One piece of Maths homework and one piece of English homework will be set weekly. Homework will be given via this page and should be completed in their purple homework books. The children should try a few questions from each section before checking their learning and moving on to the next. For sheets with stars in the top left-hand corner of the page, the children should choose a sheet to complete. The answers are provided at the end of the sheets; the children should check their learning, as they do in school. 

This will be set on a Monday and will be due in on the following Monday.



New spelling scheme for September 2019. Spellings will be given out on a Monday and tested two weeks later. 



Children should be reading 3 pages per night of their reading book and completing their Accelerated Reading test when they have completed their book.


T.T. Rockstars

The children should use the T.T. Rockstars programme to practice their time tables regularly. 


Lucky Listener

Some weeks, we may have Lucky Listener. Lucky listener consists of the children reading a chapter to as many people as possible and getting them to sign the chapter. The children will receive a House Point for every signature they receive.  


Our PE lessons will be on Mondays and Thursdays.

Please remember earrings are not allowed to be worn during PE lessons.

Our new PE tracksuit can now be ordered from Penn Sports.

Termly Overview

Ukulele Group


Well done to the Ukulele club today - you all sounded fabulous.

The homework for you is to practise the strumming pattern.

It is:

Down, Down, Up, Up, Down, Up.

If you're not sure - watch the right hand (strumming hand) of the people in the video above.

We'll have another session on Monday lunchtime

Glenwood School Link

Below are the pictures form the Autumn Year 5 group visiting Glenwood School. We had great fun creating our winter scene art and we look forward to seeing our new friends again next week!

Homework focus:

English: Modal Verbs

Maths: Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers.


These links may be useful to get you started:








Date set: 13th January 2020

Date due:  20th January 2020

English Practice

Maths Practice

Clay Creations

In Year 5, we have been using clay to create our very own Roman Busts. We created our masterpieces and then gathered very specific, critical feedback on them. After this, we used this feedback and improved our creation. The photographs you see are of our third master piece after having two feedback sessions.

Kitchen Chaos

Today in Science, we had to investigate how to separate Miss Clarke's awful attempt at dinner. She had mixed Pasta, Rice, Flour, Staples, Paper clips, Water and Lolly sticks together - we have no idea what she was trying to create! We used our knowledge of different materials and their states to decide on the best methods of separation.

Colchester Castle

Boudicca's Rebellion Drama

Today, we dived into the Story of Boudicca. We acted out key events and debated who should have won; Boudicca or the Romans. We also discussed what Boudicca did for us and how her actions could have affected us today.

Map work

Today, we explored the spread of the Roman Empire. Mrs Bye kindly printed off her pictures of Rome to show us.

Roman Experiences!

What a fantastic start we've had in Year 5. During our first three days of school we had a really immersive start to our Roman topic. 

Times Table Challenge

We have now begun our Times Table Challenge! Everyone has begun on Bronze to show they know all of their tables up to 12x12. Here is the Bronze test to practice. 

 Times table challenge Gold PDF.pdfDownload
 Times table challenge Silver PDF.pdfDownload
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 Times table challenge PDF.pdfDownload
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