Presentation Guidelines

Standards of presentation are very important and we expect that the work the children produce at all times, including homework follows the guidelines below.

When you are supporting your child with their home learning, please refer to these guidelines.

  • I write the full date in my writing books and the short date in my maths books at the top of my work.
  • I write the LO on a line beneath the date.
  • I underline the date using a ruler and sharp pencil.
  • I take pride in my work by not doodling or using graffiti on any part of my books.
  • I draw a line under the marking of the last piece of work after I have read and written a comment.
  • If I make a mistake, I put one neat line through it and carry on. I don’t scribble out or write over the top of the mistake.
  • I use a sharp pencil when writing in my books not biros or felt pens.
  • I work hard to get my pen license by practising regularly.
  • I use one square for each digit, when using my maths book or squared paper.
  • I use a ruler to draw graphs/charts etc.
  • I stick all work in neatly.
  • I use all pages and larger spaces in the correct order.

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