School Policies

Policy Name Version & Link to Document
ROBUS Mission, Vision & Values Nov 2022
Admissions Admissions Policy 2023-24
Child Protection Child Protection Policy September 2023
Keeping Children Safe in Education (Annexe to CPP) Click Here
Dealing with Safeguarding Allegations Against Adults 2022
Health and Safety 2022
Home School Agreement  2022/2023
Special Educational Needs & Disability 2024
Security Policy 2022
Complaints Policy 2023
School Uniform Click Here
Behaviour for Learning 2022
Attendance 2023
Charging & Remissions Policy 2023
EYFS Policy 2022
Anti-Bullying 2022
RMAT Equality Statement 2022
E-Safety 2022
RMAT Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs 2022
Cyber Security & IT Policy 2022
RMAT Children with Health Needs who Cannot Attend School 2022
RMAT Equality & Diversity in Employment 2022
RMAT Health & Wellbeing Policy 2022
RMAT HSB Policy 2023
Accessibility Plan 2021-25
Exclusion Policy 2022
RSE 2022
Presentation Guide Information for children
Educational Visits 2022
Privacy Policy 2022
Privacy Notice For Pupils 2022
Privacy Notice for Governors & Volunteers 2022
Code of Conduct for Trustees and Governors 2022
Records Management Policy 2022
Separated Parents Policy 2023
Publication Scheme Publication information
Data Protection Policy 2022
Freedom of Information Policy 2022
RMAT Use of Images 2022
Addition Guidance Information
Subtraction Guidance Information
Multiplication Guidance Information
Division Guidance Information
Maths Strategies Guidance Information
Child Speak School Development Plan Information for children
Pupil Premium  Click here

Missing Pupil Policy


Equality Policy 

2021 - 2025

Funding Documents

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