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Hello and welcome to our Year 1 Class Page. Here you will find useful information about our class and the exciting things we will be learning this year. There is phonics, reading, spelling and maths support which might help you at home to be amazing learners and achieve everything you need to this year. 

Important messages will regularly be updated on this page so please take a look here weekly so you are aware of everything that is happening at school and in class.


Monday-Wednesday: Mrs Syrett

Thursday-Friday: Mrs Price

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Mullaney

Mrs Sullivan


Key Weekly Schedule Dates:

PE Days: Wednesday Morning and Thursday Afternoon (please label ALL PE clothing including shoes) full winter PE kit expected.

Our Next Topic is...

The Arctic

Before Christmas, we will be learning all about the Arctic. By the end of this topic we should be able to answer the following question which everyone in the school will be exploring: 'Does the World look after us, or do we look after the World?'

Here is what we will be learning across the curriculum:

English - We will be learning to retell the story 'Owl Babies'. Children will use actions to remember the story and write the full story using phonics. They will then change the story to create their own version in an arctic setting. 

Maths - 2D and 3D shape names and properties, measuring length, volume and time. Continue to learn two times tables and add and subtract numbers.

Science - children will be learning about how animals in the arctic have adapted to survive in their habitat. They will learn about how most animals have large feet so that they can walk on top of the snow easily. They will also learn how reindeer have special fur which snow cannot grip to, and walruses use their tusks to make holes in the ice and lift themselves out of the water. Children will do some fun experiments with blubber and ice to explore the conditions of the arctic.

Computing - we will learn how to login to a laptop and use basic features of the program 'paint'. Children will make a digital picture of the arctic using 'paint'.

DT - We will be learning the skill of sewing. Children will use simple stitching to create a christmas stocking. They will explore the function and appearance of Christmas Stockings and design and make their own. 

Geography - We will be learning all about the Arctic, including the climate and distance from the equator line. Children will learn the names of the five oceans as well as compare the arctic to the rainforest habitat.

PE - Dance and Tennis

Knowledge Organisers

Our knowledge organisers for this half term.

A knowledge organiser contains key facts and information that children need to have the basic understanding of a topic. The Woodham Ley Knowledge organisers will always have the following features which will help teachers and parents to know how well the children know their topic:

  • What children should already know
  • Agreed Outcomes - What their final 'product' will be at the end of the topic 
  • A list of the minimum knowledge I should know at the end of the topic
  • 'Vocabulary 12' - twelve words or phrases that children should understand by the end of the topic. Children should be able to describe the meaning of these twelve words.
  • Questions and answers - by the end of the topic, children should be able to answer the questions on the back of the knowledge organiser. This will help us to assess the children's understanding of the topic and how much information they have retained. 

Phonics, Spelling and Reading Support

Phase 3 flashcards with Mrs Thomas

Phase 4 blend flashcards with Mrs Liggitt

Phase 5 flashcards with Mrs Bremner

Year 1 and 2 Spellings List

Visit the following site to practice spellings related to the phonemes above. Children can complete interactive spelling tests and games to help with their phonics learning.



Reading: Oxford Owl

The link below takes you to the website 'Oxford Owl' which has hundreds of free e-books for children to read. You can select a suitable book using the coloured book bands that we have in school. They also have a range of free phonics books, teaching slideshows and Read Write Inc phonics worksheets to support your child with their phonics learning. I'm really impressed with their selection so please use these excellent free resources. 

E-book Library


Phonics e-book library


Phonics Worksheets and Slideshows


Maths Support

Count in 2's, 5's and 10's with Mrs Price

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