Welcome to Year 1

This half term children at Woodham Ley Primary School will be considering the following question...

What do you see when you stop and look?

We are Detectives - Goldilocks and the Three Bears


This half term we will be retelling the story of the traditional tale - Goldilocks and the Three Bears. When children arrive after Christmas they will witness the crime scene of the Bears Cottage. They will need to investigate the crime and decide if Goldilocks should be punished for her crimes! Children will create wanted posters, write a crime-scene report listing key evidence, role play a news report pleading the public for information, use eye-witness sightings of Goldilocks to create a map of her movements and even interview Goldilocks herself!



Children will learn the traditional tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears using the Pie Corbett Talk for Writing scheme. First, children will create actions to remember the story and build on their story writing vocabulary. They will sequence the events in the story and create a story map to help them visualise the story. They will then write their own version of the story by changing a feature of the story or writing it from another point of view. Children will begin to understand the structure of a story using 'Story Mountain' and begin to create narratives of their own. 

Key Vocabulary we would like the children to know and spell:

Once upon a time
Early one morning

All children will be continuing to work on building sentences using Year 1 writing skills - letter formation, finger spaces, letters on the line, spelling using phonics, full stops and capital letters.


children will be learning about seasonal changes, including naming the four seasons, variation in day length, measuring rainfall and looking at why things happen in certain seasons. Children will be investigating scientific questions such as 'Can it be cold and sunny at the same time?'


Children will be using eye-witness sighting of Goldilocks in the fairytale forest to devise a simple map of her journey from the cottage as she ran away. Children will use a key and symbols to represent the features of the forest. We will also be sorting human and physical features of a town and countryside and making comparisons. 


Goldilocks has damaged the wallpaper in the Three Bear's Cottage. Children will be experimenting with printing techniques to design a new wallpaper for them.


Measuring and recording length, time, mass and volume.

We will be continuing to use the bar method to calculate. Please see the video below which will advise you on how we teach this. (video coming soon)


Children must know the phonemes in phases 3 and 5 and must read and spell the tricky words below. On the week beginning Monday 8th June 2020 children will complete the phonics screening check where they will be assessed on these phonemes.

Year 1 Parent Messages:

 PE is now back to Mondays and Wednesdays. We will be outside doing tennis and hockey. Please could children make sure that they have tracksuits for cold weather.


Children must complete their homework diaries by Tuesday every week. This writing must be as independent as possible. 

Children to learn their spellings every week. These are based on the phonics they will be covering that week. 

Please read with your child for 5 minutes every evening. For every page filled in their reading record books they will receive a sticker on the Reading Race. 


Homework Menu - Goldilocks and the Three Bears 

Our knowledge organiser for this half term....

A knowledge organiser contains key facts and information that children need to have the basic understanding of a topic. The Woodham Ley Knowledge organisers will always have the following features which will help teachers and parents to know how well the children know their topic:

  • What children should already know
  • Agreed Outcomes - What their final 'product' will be at the end of the topic 
  • A list of the minimum knowledge I should know at the end of the topic
  • 'Vocabulary 12' - twelve words or phrases that children should understand by the end of the topic. Children should be able to describe the meaning of these twelve words.
  • Questions and answers - by the end of the topic, children should be able to answer the questions on the back of the knowledge organiser. This will help us to assess the children's understanding of the topic and how much information they have retained. 

Here is our journey so far in Year 1...

Our photo gallery of our amazing trip to the Sealife Centre and the beach! We discovered lots of facts about sealife in the oceans and how we can protect the ocean from pollution. We helped out community by litter-picking on the beach and treated ourselves to an icecream afterwards!

Our group photo from our exciting trip to the Palace Theatre where we saw 'Cinderella' being performed on stage! We even got to meet the characters at the end and had a group photo with Cinderella and the Prince. Children then made vehicles in DT to help Cinderella get to the ball and we learnt about the history of different modes of transport.

Photos from our amazing KS1 Nativity. (full video to be sent home soon!)

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