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Mrs Wragg has put together a document and PowerPoint to help prepare children for the transition back to school. If your child is coming back after half term, please do take the time to go through this with them to help prepare them. The first document is also relevant to children who will remain at home. We will be checking email over the week, so if you have any questions or concerns, please do get in touch.

Copy and paste this link for the PowerPoint:


Find your Summer Term Home Learning below!

Writing booklet for the week

Maths activities for the week

 Friday - Answers- Year 1- Money- End of Block Test.pptxDownload
 Friday- Year 1- Money- End of Block Test.pdfDownload
 Monday- Answers- counting in coins.pdfDownload
 Monday-counting in coins activity cards.pdfDownload
 Thursday- Make the total activity sheet.pdfDownload
 Thursday- Who Has the Most Money 1 star.pdfDownload
 Thursday- Who Has the Most Money 2 star.pdfDownload
 Thursday- Who Has the Most Money 3 star.pdfDownload
 Tuesday- Answers - Recognising Coins.pdfDownload
 Tuesday- Recognising Coins activity cards.pdfDownload
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Year 1 Phonics

Phase 3 flashcards with Mrs Thomas

Phase 4 blend flashcards with Mrs Liggitt

Phase 5 flashcards with Mrs Bremner

Enter text...

This week's phonics learning videos

The sentence at the end should have looked like this...

Will is rain tonight?

Did you get it right? 

Visit the following site to practice spellings related to the phonemes above. Children can complete interactive spelling tests and games to help with their phonics learning.



Year 1 and 2 Spellings List

Maths- count in 2's, 5's and 10's with Mrs Price

Maths Year 1 Assessment

Below is a Year 1 maths assessment with great questions to assess where you child is at in their Maths. This is a SUMMER test and children should be able to answer these styles of questions by the end of the school year. If you are looking to do some maths work with your child at home, have a go at some of the questions and work on any questions they struggle to answer.

Reading: Oxford Owl

The link below takes you to the website 'Oxford Owl' which has hundreds of free e-books for children to read. You can select a suitable book using the coloured book bands that we have in school. They also have a range of free phonics books, teaching slideshows and Read Write Inc phonics worksheets to support your child with their phonics learning. I'm really impressed with their selection so please use these excellent free resources. Unfortunately we are unable to let children into the school to swap books so this is a great alternative. 

E-book Library


Phonics e-book library


Phonics Worksheets and Slideshows


Knowledge Organisers

Our knowledge organisers for this half term.

A knowledge organiser contains key facts and information that children need to have the basic understanding of a topic. The Woodham Ley Knowledge organisers will always have the following features which will help teachers and parents to know how well the children know their topic:

  • What children should already know
  • Agreed Outcomes - What their final 'product' will be at the end of the topic 
  • A list of the minimum knowledge I should know at the end of the topic
  • 'Vocabulary 12' - twelve words or phrases that children should understand by the end of the topic. Children should be able to describe the meaning of these twelve words.
  • Questions and answers - by the end of the topic, children should be able to answer the questions on the back of the knowledge organiser. This will help us to assess the children's understanding of the topic and how much information they have retained. 

Science - Plants

Geography - The United Kingdom

We will be choosing two superstars every Friday afternoon who have particularly impressed us with a piece of independent work at home. We miss being able to award achievement certificates at school so we thought this would be a great alternative to show how much we appreciate the effort that is being made by the children at home.

This young lady has been chosen to be our Star of the Week today. Since home learning began, she has been working hard and sending us lots of photos that show us she is completing the work we set and also doing lots of lovely activities with her family.  We feel this consistent engagement and enthusiasm should be celebrated! Well done.

This young man has been also chosen for his hard work at home. He has consistently done his work, persevering when things have been hard, and particular mention must be made of his maths work. He has been so enthusiastic and has even asked for more work - the progress you have made is fantastic! Well done 

Summer Home Learning - Week 4

Summer Home Learning - Week 3

Summer Home Learning - Week 2

Summer Home Learning - Week 1

Home Learning - Week 2

Home learning - Week 1

Children in Year 1 have used 'Talk for Writing' with the story 'Owl Babies' to create their very own stories. We think they are wonderful! Enjoy the stories :)

English - Learn the words and actions to 'Owl Babies' with Mrs Syrett

Keep Active! Find a quiet space to do this Cosmic Kids Yoga Video:


Tune in to Joe Wicks' kids workout every day at 9am


Story time with Mrs Price -


A Year with Kipper

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Six Dinner Sid

Jack and the Beanstalk

 By the Light of the Moon

Dr Seuss - ABC

Mother, Mother, I want another

The Smartest Giant in Town

The Snail and the Whale

Conker and Nudge

Story time with Mrs Syrett - Sleeping Beauty Part 1

Sleeping Beauty Part 2

The Frog Prince - Part 1

The Frog Prince - Part 2

The Elves and the Shoemaker - Part 1

The Elves and the Shoemaker - Part 2

Little Red Riding Hood

The Dragon Painter

Paddington Bear

Here is our journey so far in Year 1...

Our morning at Alton Garden Centre. We planted pots for the 'Greenfingers' charity. When we returned to school we created observational drawings of the different garden plants.

Our photo gallery of our amazing trip to the Sealife Centre and the beach! We discovered lots of facts about sealife in the oceans and how we can protect the ocean from pollution. We helped out community by litter-picking on the beach and treated ourselves to an icecream afterwards!

Our group photo from our exciting trip to the Palace Theatre where we saw 'Cinderella' being performed on stage! We even got to meet the characters at the end and had a group photo with Cinderella and the Prince. Children then made vehicles in DT to help Cinderella get to the ball and we learnt about the history of different modes of transport.

Photos from our amazing KS1 Nativity. (full video to be sent home soon!)

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