Our Staff


Woodham Ley has a team of 50 experienced members of staff all working to support the children and help them to have the very best experience during their Primary education.

If you would like to contact any member of staff, please book an appointment at the school office on: 01268 753 652.


Senior Leadership Team

Mr D. Walton Headteacher
Mrs C. Hopkins Deputy Headteacher
Mrs N. Barrett EYFS Lead
Mrs J. Wragg SENCo
Mrs J. Grainger School Business Manager


Class Teachers

Mr. R. King Year 6
Mrs A. Smith Year 5
Mrs K. Priolet Year 4
Mr J. Pringle Year 3
Miss E-J. Kelsey Year 2
Miss H. Cooper Year 1
Mrs N. Barrett Reception
Mrs E. Curtis PPA Class Teacher


Woodham Tots Pre-School

Mrs D. Clemments Nursery Manager
Mrs H. Liddiard Deputy Nursery Manager
Mrs C. Clift Nursery Assistant
Mrs T. Bush Nursery Assistant
Mrs B. Mineiro Nursery Assistant


 Learning Support Assistants

Mrs D. Curtis Reception Class
Mrs D. Thorne Reception Class
Mrs N. Fairs Year 3
Mrs T. Thomas Year 2
Mrs C. Liggitt Reception
Mrs N. Halfyard Year 5
Mrs N. Walton Year 5
Mrs E. O'Rawe Year 1 and Year 4
Mrs M. Bye Year 5
Mrs C. Willson Year 6
Mrs T. Bremner Year 1
Mrs C. Sullivan Year 2 and Year 3
Mrs M. Lizzimore Year 4
Mrs S. Livermore Year 6
Mrs M. Valedez-Page Reception
Mrs Kelsey Year 3


Administration Staff

Mrs A. Palmer Administration Assistant
Mrs K. Keefe Administration Assistant
Mrs C. Fraser SENCo Assistant 


 Catering Staff

Mrs K. Hubble Catering Manager
Mrs V. Pillay Catering Assistant


 Midday Staff

Mrs S. Blowes Midday Supervisor
Mrs. C. Dines Midday Assistant
Mrs C. Fraser Midday Assistant
Mrs N. Halfyard Midday Assistant
Mrs S. Harbord Midday Assistant
Mrs L. Mathers Midday Assistant
Mrs C. Nevill Midday Assistant
Mrs D. Selley Midday Assistant
Mrs C Willams Midday Assistant


Site Staff

Mr A. Lewis Site Manager
Mrs S. Blowes Cleaner
Mrs C. Dines Cleaner
Mrs L. Warren Cleaner


Contact Us

01268 753 652


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