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The adults in Year 1 are:

Miss Cooper

Mrs Bremner

Miss Cater

Mrs Fairs

How did a burnt piece of bread change history?

This term's topic is the 'Great Fire of London'

We will be learning all about the significant historical event 'The Great Fire of London'. Children will understand how this event changed the way we build houses and learn the differences between life in the 17th Century and life now. They will learn about Tudor clothing and make their own puppets in DT to use in a puppet show of the Fire of London. Children will design and make their own Tudor houses, and read diaries from people living during the Fire of London to understand what it would have been like. Children will learn about famous London Landmarks that were destroyed and re-built and the resilience of the people that had to build a new life again. Children will research facts using computing and make their own presentation about the topic, ready to perform to their class. 

Maths and Literacy this Half Term:

Maths – multiplication, counting in 2,5, and 10's. 

Writing – writing diaries, using Samuel Pepys Diary as a model. Writing postcards from London in the 17th century and now, writing newspaper entries about the Great Fire of London. 


First Week Back: 26.2.19

We will be introducing the topic to the children, and using our five senses to describe fire. We will be having a safe bonfire on the field so that children can imagine what it would be like to be around during the Fire Of London. Children will write fire safety rules and write senses poems linking to fire. 

We will be ordering the events of the Great Fire and putting this on a timeline. We will learn how the fire started and how it spread. We will understand how it would not be possible for an event like this to happen again where we live. 

We will be looking at various puppets and begin to think about designing our own Tudor Puppets. 

We will be beginning to learn a Tudor Dance, ready to perform to parents at the end of the term. 

Year 1 Parent Messages:

Year 1 children will be taking place at the Infant Music Festival on Tuesday 26th March. As a class we will perform various songs with other local schools as well as our own class performance. This will be held at Runnymede Hall. We will leave at 9am and be back for lunchtime so everyone can have a normal school lunch. This will be an excellent opportunity for the children to sing together and with other children from different schools. 


Phonics Parent Workshop - if you would like to learn more about how we teach phonics in Year 1 and would like more information about the Year 1 Government Phonics Screening Test, you are welcome to attend a parent workshop with Miss Cooper in the Year 1 classroom on Friday 8th March at 2.30pm. We will talk about how you can support children at home with their reading and phonics, and the structure of the screening test. 


Fire of London Drama Workshop 21st March 2019- We are delighted to be welcoming 'One Day Creative' to collaborate with pupils in exploring our topic through drama.  Children will take part in a half day Drama Workshop where they will express ideas and feelings through voice, movement, role play and drama. This will help to build their confidence in public speaking, basic acting skills and teamwork. Children will then get together with The Year 2 class at the end of the day to share what they have learnt.  

To find out more, follow this Link to Website 


The children’s homework is to make a Tudor Style House. These should be kept very simple as we will be creating our own Pudding Lane on the field and setting them on fire to see how the fire spread along the street. Please tell children that this is going to happen so that they are not expecting to keep their houses.

Please take photos of the houses and of children making them so that we can display the photos in the classroom. Homework to be handed in by Friday 8th March

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