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Year 4 Updates

Thank you for a great year!

Martin Curtis (m.curtis) on: Year 4 Updates

Thank you to all the parents and children for a fantastic year and for all my lovely presents.

Have a great summer and good luck in Year 5 with Mrs Smith.

It has been a pleasure to teach you all.

Mr Curtis


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Little Red Riding Hood - Radio Plays

In English we have been looking at play scripts.  Each child wrote their own scripts for a radio play of Little Red Riding Hood.  Because it is a radio play we could only tell the story through sond and had to think; about the words spoken, how they should be spoken and any sound effects.  These are the results!

Group 1 - Harry L, Ruby-Mae, Keira, Mason & Luke

Group 2 - Lily G, Ronnie, Harry R & Rebecca B

Group 3 - Scarrlett, Efe, Ruby H, Eloise, & Rebecca F

Group 4 - Harlan, Lilie-Mae, Ralph, Charlie & Brooke

Ordering Negative Numbers

We were finding this a little tricky so we played a game in the hall.  We were only allowed to ask yes/no questions about the size of our number.

Please complete our homework form in the box below to help shape our policy for next year.

Grammar School Presentation

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On Tuesday 7th March an Assistant Headteacher, from Westcliff High School for Boys, gave a presentation on entry to Grammar School.  This was very informative, discussing some of the myths about Grammar Schools, looking at examples of the 11+ test and how to prepare for it.  The presentation contains the main points from the meeting and a number of links which might be useful.  Mr Curtis attended the presentation and would be happy to discuss this if you want further information.

Children In Need Fun in Year 4

We enjoyed a great lesson using our maths skills to count all our coppers then we 'spotified' our 3 secret bid winners, Rebecca, Ruby & Lilie-Mae.  Thank you for your generous support.