Mrs Priolet,  Miss Lizzimore, Mrs O'Rawe

Week beginning 17th September




Year 4 Homework Expectations

Homework should be completed every day, making sure you spend time on reading, spellings, times-tables, English and maths work.  As a rough guide, you should spend at least 5 minutes on each area, each night. 

English & Maths

Given out on a Thursday, there will be questions to answer, either linking to our learning of that week or in preparation of learning the following week.  You should spend a little time each night, completing the work gradually over the week.  This will ensure there is time available for you to come and see me, should there be something you do not understand.


You should always ensure you have an appropriate reading book at home, changing it at school as you finish.  You should read a range of fiction and non-fiction books, trying new authors or genres each time.  A book review needs to be completed when you finish a book. These will be kept in our reading area for others to use as reference.


10 new spellings will be given each week, linked to the Year 4 curriculum and/or topic work.  There will be a spelling test each Friday morning.  Please make sure you practice your spellings each night.  Use ‘Look, say, cover, write, check’ to help you learn them, keep a list in the car, on the fridge, etc. and ask family members to test you regularly.


Please practice your times tables each night.  There will be a weekly test each Wednesday (33 Club).  TimesTables Rock Stars will also help you in learning your tables.  Please ensure you know how to log on, your log on details and passwords.There may also be additional homework given from time to time to support either topic or science based learning.

Please ensure you have your homework books and reading records with you every day, as these will need to be handed in each morning.

Remember, the homework is there to support your learning – if you are experiencing any difficulties please come and see me.

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