Mrs Priolet,  Mrs Bye, Mrs Liggitt & Miss Walton

What a great start to Year 4!  We have a really busy term, with our topic this half-term being 'Up in the Air!'.  We will be looking at history of flight, using the film 'Up' as part of our stimulus for English and we will also be having a sponsored aeroplane event where we will be raising money for Essex and Herts Air Ambulance. 

Next half-term our topic will be Macbeth - with a trip to The Globe Theatre in London!

In RE this half-term we are studying the Hindu religion.  We have looked at the Trimurti - the three main gods in Hinduism - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.  The class worked in 3 groups, each studying an individual god.  They then represented their god in a movement piece;  Brahma - the creator, Vishnu - the preserver, Shiva - the destroyer.  Watch our videos - can you see which Hindu god we are representing?

Our fundraising this term is for Essex and Herts Air Ambulance.  Sue and Roger, volunteers for EHAAT came to visit the school to tell us all about the air ambulances, how they are staffed and how much money they cost to run.  They are funded by charitable grants and fundraising - just like we are doing this term.  Did you know it costs EHAAT approximately £500,000 per month, just to keep the helicopters in the air.  As a class, we had a look on their website and have seen that in the past four months they have attended call-outs 4 times within a half mile radius of our school.  This is such a valuable emergency service, Hockney Class and Monet Class are going to try really hard to raise lots of money.  Watch this space for details of our fundraising day.

Even outside of school, Year 4 show how community minded they are!  Last weekend, three classmates participated in two different fund raising events - Diabetes UK and Bear Grylls Survival Race.  Well done to the three of you - your medals look great!