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Mrs Smith, Miss Walton, Mrs Bye Mrs Halfyard

This term we are studying....

Living thing and their habitats!


Homework for year 5 is as follows;

One piece of homework Monday - Friday which will alternate between maths and grammar. 

Spelling will be issued on a Friday on the weekly newsletter. The children will have a spelling test on the following Friday.

Lucky Listener - reading the chapter we are working on that week. They can read a paragraph or the whole chapter (a suitable amount for your child). 


Our PE lessons will be on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Please remember earrings are not allowed to be worn during PE lessons.

Our new PE tracksuit can now be ordered from Penn Sports.

Reading Race

We have now started our Year 5 Reading Race! Every Friday we will be taking in the children's reading records to update the chart.

Every 7 home reads = 1 box on the chart

10 boxes on the chart = a prize.

Lucky Listener signatures will also count!


Year 5 Next Week

What we will be learning next week:

Maths - Equivalent fractions

English - Balanced debate

A website we have been using a lot in class is BBC Super Movers.  We use this for timetables and different maths and grammar rules. If you would like to use it at home here is the link



Living things and their habitats

This half term the children have been learning all about different life cycles of animals and plants.


This week we research zoos and debated if they should be banned.

Here are some pictures of the children dissecting a flower! 

Mr Lewis kindly brought in his pet reptiles for the children to see, hold and listen to facts about. He brought in a leopard gecko, corn snake, boa constrictor, bosc monitor and African snails!

Times Table Challenge

We have now begun our Times Table Challenge! Everyone has begun on Bronze to show they know all of their tables up to 12x12. Here is the Bronze test to practice. 

 Times table challenge Gold PDF.pdfDownload
 Times table challenge Silver PDF.pdfDownload
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 Times table challenge PDF.pdfDownload
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