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The Reception year is a very exciting time for both parents and children. At Woodham Ley Primary School,  children are offered the very best start to their education by being provided with rich opportunities and experiences.  Our curriculum is based on the framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and we deliver this through a play-based approach.  The curriculum is organised in a way which meets each child's individual needs, interests and fascinations, resulting in us planning 'in the moment' rather than through a 'one size fits all' topic.

Throughout the year, the children will have fun, make friends, learn and develop at a pace matched to each child's stage of development. We work hard to foster positive relationships with parents and value just how important these partnerships are.  Right from the start, we endeavour to ensure that caring, nurturing and warm relationships are developed between all members of staff and the children in our care.  We promote calm, positive interactions with all children in order to enable them to quickly grow in confidence and independence.

We encourage children to take risks, be curious and explore.  We want them to become resilient individuals who are able to problem solve and persevere with tasks even when they find them a challenge.  By doing this, we can rest assured that each child will be equipped with the skills to be a life-long, independent and effective learner.

Planning in the Moment

 For further information on our rationale behind 'planning in the moment', please read the document below:

For more information on the Early Years Foundation Stage:

Click here for a parents' guide to the EYFS


We provide a daily snack for the children which they are able to access each morning and some afternoons.  They receive free fruit and vegetables through the Government's Free Fruit and Vegetables Scheme (SFVS) which aims to help children achieve their 5 A Day.  In addition to this, children under 5 are entitled to free milk under the Nursery Milk Scheme.  We also provide fresh drinking water.

We ask for a voluntary contribution towards the children's snack so that we can also provide additional foods, not covered under the above schemes. These include biscuits, waffles, croissants, crackers, yoghurts, cheese, breadsticks, wraps and dips.  We also try to encourage the children to try more adventurous foods such as pomegranates, physalis, peppers and greengages.  

The children take part in a cooking activity each week, where they bake goodies to share at our regular reading cafe.  The voluntary contributions go towards purchasing these ingredients too.  So far the children have made lots of different types of cup cakes, a birthday cake and breadstick sparklers. 

Please see the chart below which details the snack contributions and when they are due.  It is vital that we continue to receive these contributions in order to provide the above. 

Thank you

This week in Reception class... 

The children have had an extremely busy week with solving a range of different maths problems and being challenged to undertake their own surveys about favourite things such as: ice-cream flavours, toys they play with and so on.

They participated in the final PE lesson of the term, playing their favourite games and were very lucky to watch the Year 6 production which was amazing! All the children were exceptionally well-behaved and they enjoyed many of the songs which they now sing back in the classroom.


Last week in Reception...

The children have been working on measuring in our maths sessions. They had great fun: exploring the environment with tape measures whilst measuring the lengths of different objects, making predictions about whether an object would be heavier or lighter as well as estimating the number of cups of water it would take to fill different sized containers. 

In PE, they played different circle time and parachute games such as 'Cat and mouse' and were able to take turns and share.

They also baked lemon drizzle cakes ready for the final Reading Cafe this week which was really well attended by parents - a big thank you for your support! The children do look forward to seeing you and your attendance is much appreciated.


Focus Children

Summer term 'focus child' meetings are well under way and I will be in contact with you when it is your child's week. If there are any worries or concerns, please feel free to come and speak to me. Please take pictures of things you have done with your child over the weekend after you receive your letter, and send them in to us to share with the rest of the class. I look forward to hearing all your news!

Reading books

All children should have a reading book from their phonic phase. Children are reminded every morning to change their reading book and they can do so throughout the week. Please just remind them as they come into school or let a member of staff know who can prompt them. 

Recycling wanted!

The children have been very busy making boats, houses, telescopes and lots of other exciting things and have nearly depleted all of our recycling stock. We would like you to dig deep into your recycling bags for yogurt pots, tubs, fruit containers, egg boxes, kitchen tubes, bottles etc. All containers, pots and bottles will need to be washed out before being brought into school. Thank you.

Reading cafe

Reading Café will be on as usual next week so we hope to see you there. The cafe is on Thursday at 2:30pm and you are provided with a delicious snack made by the children. 


Our Visit to Great Tarpot's Library

On Monday 5th November we visited Great Tarpots Library.  The children dressed up in 'spooky' clothing and took part in a number of fun games and activities, all with a spooky theme.

We met Wendy, the librarian, who told us all about the library and the different types of items that we can borrow, including talking books and DVDs.  She explained about the different types of books available before reading us a story.

The children then explored the library, shared books with each other and completed a Funny Bones 'spot the difference' activity before colouring in a rocket for the library's display.

The children and adults all had a great time.  If your child borrowed a book from the library, please remember that you will need to return this yourself. Whilst you're there, keep an eye out for our colourful rocket display!

Children in Need

The children had a great time during our 'pyjama day' for Children in Need on Friday 16th November.  They were so excited to see their friends in their pyjamas and they enjoyed looking at similarities and differences between them.

Throughout the day, the children had the chance to decorate Pudsey Bears using dabbers, paints and stickers as well as create their own enormous Pudsey on the interactive whiteboard.  Some of them also chose to make Pudsey ears too.  During the afternoon they worked amazingly well as a team to create a really long line of pennies.  It was so long it almost went out of the door!  Fingers crossed that Reception's line was the longest - we will find out later in the week.

Outside, the children had fun experimenting with bubble mixture.  They blew their own bubbles using bubble wands before deciding to investigate if they could use other things to make bubbles.  They discovered that hula-hoops make the most enomous bubbles, along with...sticks!!!  We were all astounded to discover that using three sticks tied together would also make fantastic bubbles!  We wouldn't have believed it if we hadn't have seen it with our own eyes! Something to try at home?

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

We have been extrememly busy during the last couple of weeks, preparing for Christmas and our Nativity.  The tree is up and decorations are in abundance.  There are even 'presents' under the Christmas tree. The children have watched the Christmas story and re-told it in their own words, which has formed the script for our performance.  They have made their own costumes, painted scenery, learnt new songs and even made a manger on the woodwork bench! 

There was lots of excitement earlier on this week, when we had a delivery of straw bales for our outdoor stable.  The children had lots of fun moving them into position to see if we could all fit on them, ready for our outdoor performance. We are very much looking forward to sharing all of this with you on Tuesday, especially the hot chocolate afterwards!


Christmas Penguin Experience at Colchester Zoo

 The children (and adults) had a very magical day at Colchester Zoo.  We met Noel, the elf and helped her to decide whether penguins would be able to help fly Santa's sleigh. He had lost his magic flying dust which gave his reindeer the ability to fly, so he quickly needed a replacement.  We soon discovered that penguins wouldn't be suitable as they they are unable to fly and they don't like carrots! 

Luckily, Santa eventually found his magic flying dust, so we can all look forward to receiving some presents on Christmas day - so long as we are on the 'nice list' of course!

RHS Garden Hyde Hall Trip

The children had a fabulous day out at Hyde Hall on Tuesday 21st May. There were lots of activities for them to participate in during the day. It all started with a talk about different plants and mini beasts they might see during the day, then it was off to become nature explorers! They found lots of natural resources which they then sorted in to piles and discussed before using them to create their own  natural potions. They were able to smell each one and they were all so different! They then had lunch and were joined by a few surprising visitors...the ducks. Mrs Valadez was very good at shooing them away whilst the children were eating.

After lunch, they were able to plant some peas, create helicopter leaves, listen to the different sounds natural resources could make and do some observational drawings of flowers and plants.

The weather was very kind and all the children and staff had a lovely day out!


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