Year 5 Community Projects 2017

This half term, Year 5 have started various exciting lunchtime clubs to make a positive impact to our school community. Each group have thought carefully about how to make lunchtimes more interesting in our school. They aim to make our community a happier place to live and learn in.

Woodham Weekly News 

This aims to help children to learn about up and coming events across the school through our weekly news report. This includes weekly guest speakers. This is run by Josh M, Frank, Sean, Chinedum, Sophie, Mishka, Libby and Sienna.

Wildlife Club

This aims to encourage children to learn and care about the animals that live in and around our school. The children will be creating new habitats and homes for the creatures. This includes; bird boxes, bug hotel, bat boxes and bee homes. This is takes place on Thursday lunchtimes and is run by Tomi, Jon-Henry, Chillie, Mia, Darcy, Charlie, Jake C.

Friendship club

This aims to help children to be able to practise their team building and communication skills. The children will be able to talk as well as play board and card games. This will take place on Monday lunchtimes and will be run by Stanley and Jake M.

Litter picking club

This aims to raise awareness over pollution in our school environment and improve the school grounds through weekly litter picking sessions. This is on Tuesday lunchtimes and is run by Gemma and Riliegh.

Ol’ gaming afternoon


This aims to encourage generations to come together. This is run through a gaming afternoon with tea, biscuits and sandwiches served and made by the children. This is run by Brayden, Violet, Llily and Lauren. The next club will be run on Friday 19th May at 12:10pm-1:00pm.

Fitness club

This aims to encourage children to lead healthier lifestyles and to have active lunchtimes. The sports will include; running, jumping, boxing techniques and circuits. This will be run on Friday lunchtimes by George.

Afterschool Club

This aims to help children settle into our new and up and coming after school club. This will be starting in the second half of the summer term and will be run by Jake Harris.

Gardening Club

This aims to grow vegetables and fruit for Mrs Hubble in the kitchen. The weekly V.I.P guests will be attending on Friday lunchtimes to assist Kaitlyn and Abigail.