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School Closure Information.

As of Friday 20th March, the school and the preschool will be closed to all children except those whose parents are key workers or children who are vulnerable, please see the gov.uk website for more information regarding this criteria.

In order to make provision for children who are self-isolating or remaining at home, here is a list of websites you can access at home:







Both phonics play and twinkl websites are offering free access to resources for parents at this time. They have numerous games and activities for you to download, print or complete online. Also there is a site called 'Ragdolly Anna' where you can access a daily live link (which is available on Facebook) that your child can follow and join in with.

Here are some practical ideas and activities you can complete at home with your child:

  • making models out of lego or other construction materials
  • helping to prepare dinner and make breakfast/ baking cakes
  • play a board game or solve a jigsaw puzzle
  • share a book and pose questions about what they have heard
  • use recycling to create different items of interest
  • drawing pictures and colouring in
  • exploring the garden to see the minibeasts they can find and the different types of flowers there are
  • singing nursery rhymes
  • playing I spy something the colour of...
  • Counting objects such as cars, lego, dolls  Use this time to be as creative as you like. If you have any photos of the children completing these types of activities, please send them in to tots@woodhamley.essex.sch.uk 

Please check this site and school jotter for updates.







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