The WLPS Curriculum


At Woodham Ley Primary School we are committed to providing our pupils with a vibrant, engaging and creative curriculum which incorporates all of the essential skills to ensure success in every aspect of education and life. We use exciting and current themes as the vehicle to deliver the 2014 New Curriculum. Teachers carefully choose themes they know will capture their pupils’ attention and engage them in learning. Our curriculum is therefore very much alive and continually changing depending on the interests of the children in our classes. Each theme always incorporates a sensational start, a marvellous middle and a fantastic finale.

We teach our pupils to have a ‘growth mindset’ which means that they take on challenges, aim high and aren’t afraid to make mistakes as they know this is how they learn.


Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum



Teachers plan and teach daily activities based on the objectives from Letters and Sounds and Support for Spelling, published by the Department for Education and Skills. Planning builds on prior knowledge and experience to ensure Progression. Teachers track and evaluate pupils’ progress and use this information to inform future learning. In Year 1, children start at phase two/three and move through a progression of lessons until they reach phase six. From phase six, children then work through Support for Spelling programme and the Nation Curriculum objectives. Teachers match activities to the needs of all children in the class.


For further information on the new National Curriculum from September 2014, please click here.


For curriculum maps for each of our year groups, please visit the relevant class page.