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Woodham Tots Updates

Week beginning 9/10/17

Martin Curtis (m.curtis) on: Woodham Tots Updates

Now the children are settled, we are beginning to introduce them to small group time. These activities are held by the children's key worker and focus on social and emotional development as well as phonics. Following the principles of play embedded in The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, the activities are short and filled with fun.

This week we have been looking at how it feels to be happy and having great discussions around the ways we can behave to make sure we and others around us are safe and happy. The children have told us that we can share our toys, keep our hands to ourselves and help our friends. We have been looking at our faces and looking at our lovely smiles, and this inspired some of the children to draw their self portraits. The children agree that being happy feels nice. We have also been doing some listening activities  Here is one  that you can do at home. Choose some objects (we use animals),  describe them simply (I am thinking of an animal that is orange and has stripes), and see if your child can recognise the animal you are describing. This is great fun and the children really enjoy it.

Today we read The Gruffalo and thought it would be great to go on a Gruffalo hunt in our nature trail. The children followed our clues to find the creatures we had hidden for them, and used their knowledge of the story to recall the order we meet the characters in the book. They were so excited. We also went into the nature trail earlier in the week, and the children absolutely loved gathering the fallen leaves and throwing them into the air. What a wonderful time childhood is, and we are so lucky to share your children's days with them as they grow and learn.


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