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Woodham Tots Updates

Spring Term 2018

Martin Curtis (m.curtis) on: Woodham Tots Updates

Our Tots have been extremely busy since we returned from our Christmas break, and as always. we have been inspired by their interests and let them lead us in their own learning. Research has shown that this is the most effective way to teach young children as they are fascinated with the subject of their choosing, and the adults will bring learning into the interactionsthat we have with them.

So far this year, we have read The Little Red Hen story at circle time, and this prompted the children to  ask some wonderful questions around the story, including how a windmill turns grain into flour. We used the internet to show them, teaching the children that we can find information that we want on the internet and in books. We then created some lovely movements with our bodies to explore how the stones grind the grain. Among other things, we then looked at a film showing how bread is made and then we had go at making bread ourselves and ate it for our snack. The children all agreed it was delicious!

The children are now expressing an interest in earth and dirt since we have had our new grass laid, so we have been reading the book Superworm. The children love this, and really enjoy joining in with the refrains. Some of them are also getting really good at listening to the words carefully and are beginning to recognise the way words are formed and that some words rhyme. To support this at home, take your time when you are reading stories, paying attention to how the words sound. Ask your child if they can hear the beginning sounds, and see if they can think of any other words that start with the same sound. Young children really benefit from support from adults, so model words to them. You can also do this with rhyming words, but bear in mind that this is more tricky for them, and some children don't get the hang of rhyming until much later in their schooling. The most important thing you can do to support your child at home is to spend time with them and make learning fun. Get out and about and introduce your child to new and wonderful experiences. You will be amazed at the new language they will learn, and this will help them enormously in the whole of their education.

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