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Woodham Tots Updates

Summer Term

Martin Curtis (m.curtis) on: Woodham Tots Updates

The children have now well and truly christened our new grass, and they are having a marvellous time. We hope that you agree with us that our garden has now been transformed into a lovely space that invites the children and draws them in. Along with the grass, we have also added our Cubes for the children to use to climb on, to hide under, to transform into a pirate ship and set sail on shark infested waters (their favourite imaginary adventure so far), and they love to challenge themselves by jumping off them. We also have a new obstacle course on which the children (and staff) love to balance on.

Taking and managing risk is an important part of young children's development and is a key principle in The Early Years Foundation Stage. It helps to build their confidence and self-esteem by becoming problem solvers, and this is where sensitive adult intervention leads them to making informed decisions that will allow them to take risks safely. You can help your child achieve this at home by supporting them take a risk and by asking them to think about things that may not be safe. An example of this in our setting happened  when the children were building with our wooden blocks in the garden. The blocks are heavy, and the children often used to place then haphazardly and try walking on them. Our adults would then ask the children if they felt safe, and the answer was (usually) no. So we would ask them if they could fix the blocks so they would be safe, and most children were able to clearly identify where the problems were and fix them. Then together, the staff and children decided that the blocks could only be walked on safely one block at a time. The children have kept to this as they were involved and could see why a rule had to be put in place. You have such clever children.

We also need to say a huge thank you to Mr. Clements for our new mud kitchen, and Mr. Lewis for our new water wall. 

Bring on the summer!!!

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