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Woodham Tots Updates

Week beginning 5/6/17

Martin Curtis (m.curtis) on: Woodham Tots Updates

What another exciting week we have had in Tots!

First we were very excited by a visit from our own PC Clements. We were very lucky to have some of his colleagues join him and bring along a real police car. The children absolutely loved sitting in the driving seat and some were shown how to turn on the blue lights. We were even treated to a blast from the sirens. Its important that children know that the police are there to help them and PC Clements was very impressed that some of the children knew to dial 999 in an emergency.

During the week, the children made the most of the windy weather and made their very own kites that they flew on the field. The look of joy on their faces was priceless. They designed them and chose the materials; it was interesting to find out that some materials worked better than others and the children persisted if their kites needed some repair or re-designing. Developing resilience is one of the characteristics that will support the children throughout their life long learning, and the early years is the best time to foster and develop it.

Most of the children can recognise numerals that are significant to them, and, at the moment, they are making the link between numerals and their ages. So we decided to find out if we have more children who are 3 or children who are four. We made a group of 3 year olds and a group of 4 year olds. Children need to see mathematical problems in order to understand the abstract concepts of adding and subtracting quantities. This also means they need to develop the understanding that a numeral represents a quantity so this was a fun way to demonstrate that. You can help your children at home by slowing down their counting and actually pointing to or sorting the items they are counting. Most important is to make it fun. Enjoy!


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